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Diseases and Conditions

What is Caliectasis (Hydrocalycosis)? Causes,Symptoms,Treatment
Caliectasis (hydrocalycosis) is a medical condition that occurs when the calyces, within the renal pelvis, become dilated.(1,2) Calyces are found[...]
What is Lumbosacral Neuritis? Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment
Lumbosacral neuritis is the scientific term used to describe irritation to one of the nerves lining the spinal column in[...]
Hyporeflexia – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
Just hearing the word "hyporeflexia" can feel distressing and daunting. This is a scary-sounding term, especially when it is being[...]
Anteroseptal Infarct – Everything You Need To Know
Anteroseptal infarct is a serious, and potentially fatal condition affecting the heart. It must be treated by a highly trained[...]
Di-Verticulitis – Everything You Need to Know
Diverticulitis or Verticulitis (a common term that people use for this condition), can be a pain – literally. This gastrointestinal condition is[...]
What is Hepatosplenomegaly? (Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Etc.)
Hepatosplenomegaly (HSM) isn't always serious, but it can represent an indicator of a very serious medical condition. When both your[...]
Palmar Erythema (What is it, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment)
Palmar Erythema (also called PE, liver palms or red palms) causes a reddening of the skin on the heel of[...]
What is Pansinusitis? (Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment)
One of the most common ailments that affect both children and adults is sinusitis. It’s easy to treat with medication[...]
Dermographia (Dermographism- Causes, Symptoms, Treatment)
The clinical term of dermographia is dermatographic urticaria but it is commonly known as skin writing. As the name suggests, it[...]
Exfoliative Keratolysis (Causes,Symptoms,Treatment)
Exfoliative keratolysis is one of the more commonly occurring skin conditions. According to a report published in the British Journal of[...]
Why Is My Tongue Green? (Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis)
If you google various illnesses, there will be a lot of articles dedicated to helping you diagnose and treat most[...]
What is Ecchymosis? (Definition, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment)
According to the National Institutes of Health's Web site, Ecchymosis (Skin spots - red; Pinpoint red spots on the skin;[...]
Your Head Hurts When You Cough? Here’s What You Need To Know
Why does my head hurt when I cough? You probably heard this before... Many people raise complaints about cough headaches. This[...]
Fatty Liver Disease – What Is It?
When you have fatty liver disease, your liver literally plumps up, inflating with excess fat that your liver cells hoard[...]
Poikilocytosis (What is, Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment)
What is poikilocytosis? When a person’s blood shows the presence of poikilocytes or abnormally shaped red blood cells (RBCs), the[...]
Thyromegaly 101: What You Should Know About This Disorder
The thyroid gland is among the most important glands in your body and it manufactures the thyroid hormone. According to[...]
Swollen Uvula – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment
The uvula, which is the bell-shaped organ hanging from your soft palate at the back of the mouth, is thought[...]
Glossophobia – Everything You Need to Know
Many people fear to speak in public or performing at events. However, when you have an extreme fear of public[...]
Acrophobia (Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment)
Acrophobia refers to the fear of heights. This common fear is able to significantly impact a sufferer's quality of life,[...]
Anisocytosis – What it is, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, and Available Treatments
Anisocytosis is a condition that can indicate other, more serious blood-related issues. Many people have a general understanding of such[...]
Itchy Feet and Ankles: The Most Common Causes and Treatment
If you suffer from itchy feet and ankles, you probably know first-hand just how uncomfortable this condition can make you.[...]
Peroneal Tendinosis (Symptoms, Causes, Treatment)
Athletes are prone to experiencing a range of injuries and the same applies to active individuals. The tendons are quite[...]
What Causes Metallic Smell in Nose?
If you are reading this, chances are, you have been experiencing a metallic smell in the nose. While this may[...]
Belly Button (Navel) Infection – Everything You Need to Know (Causes, Symptoms & Treatment)
According to a 2012 research published in the journal PLOS ONE, more than 2,300 species of bacteria cover the belly[...]
What is Anasarca? (Symptoms, Causes, Treatment)
Anasarca (also called Dropsy) is a word designation to describe a health condition that prompts massive swelling throughout the body. In most[...]
Does Your Sweat Smell Like Vinegar? Here’s Why…
When it comes to our bodies, there are a few embarrassing things that we all have to deal with. Sweaty[...]
Rhomboid Muscle Pain (Causes,Symptoms,Treatment-Relief,Exercises,Prevention)
The rhomboid muscles are muscles in the upper back that connect between the two shoulder blades and the spine.(1) These[...]
How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last and Will They Ever Truly Go Away?
How long does it take for hemorrhoids to go away? Do they come back, and if so, why? Hemorrhoids are very[...]
Getting to the Bottom of the Problem: The Causes and Treatments for Adult Butt Rash
It can happen to any adult. One day your butt is suddenly on fire with redness, swelling, and irritation. It[...]
Why Does Your Head Feels Heavy?
Many people complain that their head feels heavy and that heavy head feeling can be frustrating. In fact, up to 90% of individuals[...]
What is Encephalomalacia? (Symptoms and Treatment)
Encephalomalacia, also known as cerebral softening, is a very serious disorder inflicting permanent tissue damage to the patient's brain. The[...]
Precordial Catch Syndrome (Texidor’s Twinge): Everything You Need To Know
Young adults and children are most commonly affected by precordial catch syndrome (PCS), which is sudden chest pain caused by[...]
Exploding Head Syndrome – Do You Hear a Loud Noise Just Before You Fall Asleep?
Exploding head syndrome is not a condition in which your head literally blows into a million pieces with no warning.[...]
Orthorexia – Healthy Eating Habit or Psychological Disorder?
There can be no question that eating healthy foods is good for the body. In pursuit of eating in a[...]
New Diagnostic Techniques for Cancer
Despite the fact that some cancers, such as prostate cancer have extremely high survival rates, others, such as pancreatic cancer[...]
Depression: Common and Alternative Treatments
What Is Depression And How Does It Effect People? Depression is a mental disorder that causes sadness, lack of motivation,[...]
3 Proven and Easy Ways to Avoid Getting Sick
As temperatures continue to drop and autumn makes way for winter, you may find yourself feeling a little under the[...]
What Health Effects Could Your Lactose Intolerance Have?
Lactose intolerance affects the health of around thirty million Americans.(1) Lactose intolerance is often viewed by sufferers as nothing more[...]
Celiac Disease: What to Expect
What Is Celiac Disease Celiac disease (Coeliac disease), also known as just "celiac" or celiac sprue, is an autoimmune disease[...]