Getting to the Bottom of the Problem: The Causes and Treatments for Adult Butt Rash

It can happen to any adult.

One day your butt is suddenly on fire with redness, swelling, and irritation.

It is an issue that can lead to embarrassing situations and negative feelings.

I feel there is a need to address these kinds of rashes so you will not feel as if you are alone.

There’s a social stigma attached, and people are afraid to talk about it for fear of what others may think.

But in truth, it can happen to anybody (and often does).

Here is why it happens and what you can do about it.

butt rash


Why Adults Get Butt Rash and How They Can Treat It

Why do you think a butt rash occurs?

For many, the answer to that question is an embarrassing admittance of uncleanliness.

However, there are many reasons someone may develop a rash in general.

It can happen anywhere on the body, for any number of reasons.

The buttocks, as a part of your body, are also prone to developing them as well.


Understanding Rashes

According to the National Institutes of Health’s Web site, a rash is any kind of inflammation of the skin.(1)

See how broad that definition is?

They can occur for a multitude of reasons.

In general, most rashes are categorized by skin that becomes reddened, or swollen looking.

They tend to itch fiercely, and can last for any amount of time depending on the underlying cause.


What Causes a Rash?

As stated, rashes can occur for any number of reasons.(2)

» Allergies

» Genetics

» Heat

» Sickness and infection

» Touching an irritant

» An insect bite

» Personal hygiene practices

» Swimming

» Drugs

Pretty much anything can give you a rash.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, even pregnancy can lead to a woman developing a rash.(3)

In addition, not all rashes are the same.

Depending on the cause of the rash, and your own body, you can get different types of rashes.


Different Types of Rashes

rash on butt causesIt is important to remember no matter what kind of rash you have or think you have, you will still need a professional opinion.

It is easy to read about some symptoms online, and then automatically think you have some singular problem.

It is important that you do not assume.

With that said, here are a few different types of rashes.

There are types of rashes with names, but also descriptions of rashes in general.

Named rash types include:(4)



Granuloma annulare




Poison ivy

Fungal rash


There are many more, especially when they are specific named skin issues.

However, you can also try to identify a rash by the look of the rash itself (Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of Iowa).(5)

» Red and scaly

» Bumpy, flaky, itchy

» Tender and pimply

» Discolored and blistery

A rash can also come with many other symptoms. For example, you may have a cough or a fever.

That is because some sicknesses (like Q fever, Occupational asthma, Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), Herpangina…) can cause rashes or make you more prone to developing a rash, according to MedicineNet.(6)

Your rash can actually represent a warning to you about a far, far more serious issue.


If You Don’t Take Care of Your Rash

Rashes often represent a symptom to a problem; they are not often the problem itself.(7)

That means the longer you go without treating the rash, the longer you hold onto the thing that is giving you the problem in the first place.

This can lead to any number of medical issues.


What This Has To Do With Butt Rashes

As you can tell, there is a whole universe of things that can cause a rash.

All of those things equally apply to butt rashes.

As this is a look at butt rashes specifically, let’s take a closer look at what you can do if you suffer from one.

With a butt rash, it also matters where the rash occurs. For example, the rash can exist on your cheeks.

It can also exist at the top, bottom, or middle of your intergluteal cleft.

What is the intergluteal cleft?

It is also known as your butt crack. In addition, the rash can focus inside or around your anus.

Even things like hemorrhoids can cause a rash.(8)

In some cases, the rash can cover all of these areas. It can even cover more of your body, including your butt, as well.


What You Can Do About a Butt Rash

Medication for Seasonal DepressionThe most important thing you can do is go and see a professional if the rash lasts or keeps coming back.

Now you know that butt rashes can occur for a multitude of reasons.

That means a professional diagnosis is in order to pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem.

However, in real life, not everybody can immediately see a doctor, especially a specialist.

So in the meantime, here are a few things you can do about a butt rash.


Wash Up – Immediately after a butt rash develops and becomes irritating, wash it with water and some neutral mild soap.(check price on

This can help calm down the irritation before it grows unbearable.

Going forward, you may want to wash with mild soap in general while you have the rash.


Wear Loose Clothes – Do not wear things that will constantly rub against the rash. Go for loose-fitting clothes.

Avoid any clothing that causes itching. But also, keep the rash away from sunlight. So cover up.


Wait – Many butt rashes (like heat rash) go away on their own. Do not wait too long, maybe just a couple of days.

If you have symptoms beyond the rash, you may want to see a professional immediately.


Over The Counter – There are many creams, lotions, and medications for treating a butt rash.(check products on

Topical medications that contain hydrocortisone, and/or other ingredients specifically for dealing rashes, can help.

In fact, a study by the journal Pharmatherapeutica, in the treatment of napkin dermatitis, indicated that 92% of the patients (1% clotrimazole plus 1% hydrocortisone cream was applied twice daily) were considered to have been cured or markedly improved in two weeks.

If you know your rash came from a bite or a plant, then you can seek remedies specifically for that.

Some calamine lotion can work wonders.(check price on


Go Natural – There are many home and natural remedies for soothing or dealing with rashes.(9)

  • Oils such as olive and castor
  • Oatmeal
  • Aloe vera
  • Cucumbers
  • Anything with vitamin E


There are more natural remedies besides, so you may want to do some independent research on these.

Keep in mind that you should only try these if you already know the cause the of your butt rash.

If you do not know where the rash came from, you should first have a doctor or dermatologist take a look.


Conclusion: Don’t Be Ashamed

By this time, you can see that a butt rash can occur.

It is relatively common, and it is not something that should bring you shame.

If you know how the rash came to be, then you can treat it immediately.

If the rash shows up unexpectedly, then you should go see a medical professional to get to the bottom of the problem, so to speak.


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